Exporting To China

Export Challenges Some of the challenges that California Stone Creek is ready to meet include the following: Large segments of China’s economy remain closed to foreign engagement. The competition is strong; however, California produces more produce than any state in the US. Therefore, California Stone Creek is prepared to meet this challenge. The Chinese business …

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Hogs For Export

Hogs For Export

Duroc Outdoor Pigs If they are given a consistent and nutritious diet, Durocs will grow fast. The hardy hogs are preferred by farmers who wish to keep the pigs outdoors. Durocs tend to do well in both warm and cold climates. The Advantages Associated with Raising the Breed Duroc pigs produce large litters, especially if …

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Cows Feeding From Trough

Beef Cuts

Certified organic beef must meet the regulations established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Organic cattle must be raised separately from conventional animals and must have access to grazing land. Also, the following requirements must be met: The feed of the cattle must be free of by-products and be organic. No antibiotics or growth …

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Cattle On Pasture Land

Brief Outline Of Wagyu Genetics

Wagyu cattle have initially been used as draft animals, chosen for their physical strength. The select animals feature more marbling or intra-muscular fat cells, all which provides consumers with a healthy and available source of energy. That is because the marbling of Wagyu cattle contains lips or monounsaturated fat – the right kind of fat. …

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What Is Wagyu Cattle

Wagyu beef cattle represent four strains or breeds of cattle. Broken down, Wagyu translates to “Wa” (Japanese) and “Gyu” (Beef). Therefore, anytime you see the name, “Wagyu,” it means “Japanese beef.” The four breeds of Wagyu include the following: The Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu) The Japanese Brown (Akage Washu) – also called the Red Wagyu …

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What Wagyu Cattle Are Fed

Whenever you see the word, “Wagyu,” you are looking at the term for Japanese beef cattle. Wagyu does not refer to one single breed. However, 90% of Wagyu raised for consumer use are Japanese Black cattle (found inside and outside of Japan). The other two significant cows include the Japanese Brown (raised in and outside …

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Cattle In The Field

Meat Grading

Meat grading in Japan is very strict. Therefore, Wagyu cattle, or Japanese cattle, are graded under stringent rating conditions. Cattle in the US are also graded to reflect their quality. Because the Japanese Black is primarily used in Wagyu beef production, its grade is of particular importance. According to Japanese grading standards, this beef cattle, …

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