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California Stone Creek A Premium Supplier To China

We Are a Premium Cattle Supplier and Exporter to China

With offices in both California and China, California Stone Creek has positioned itself as a premium cattle supplier and exporter to China. Not only do we feature select Wagyu cattle and premium raised hogs, we also are a purveyor of quality and fresh produce. Whether we ship by air freight or ocean liner, we can ensure the quality and freshness of the foods we export.

Wagyu Cattle

Originating from Japan, Wagyu cattle feature a high degree of marbling and are considered a healthy and flavorful meat. Wagyu means “cow” in Japanese. The cattle contains a high concentration of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is also high in good or unsaturated fat – more so than other cattle breeds. The marbling of the beef contributes to its flavorful taste.

A Quality Cattle Breed

When compared to other cattle, Wagyu offer the cattle grower with the following attributes:

  • The carcasses produce a larger yield of beef.Grading for the cattle is normally set at A4 or A5 – the highest grades in the Japanese grading system.
  • The marbling is enhanced when the cattle are crossbred.
  • Wagyu bulls and cows are prolific breeders.
  • Wagyu cattle are adaptable, both environmentally and with respect to handling.
  • We raise and finish Wagyu cattle using the best in feeding controls and measures, thereby ensuring that the cattle is raised to a high standard.

Premium Hog Production

California Stone Creek also raises premium hogs. That is why we concentrate on providing such breeds and Durocs and Landrace hogs to the marketplace.

Select Duroc Hogs

Select Durocs are typically a solid reddish color. The meat from the hogs maintains moisture well and conveys a dark red hue. The meat also features a good deal of marbling. In addition, the hog displays a significant amount of lean muscle. Meat volumes are plentiful from the carcasses.

Landrace Hogs

The Landrace hog features a long body with an almost flat back. Premium hogs are white and display droopy ears. Sows are known for producing a large number of offspring. Landrace hogs are highly desirable as they produce select and quality meat from crossbreeding. A large amount of the carcass weight is concentrated in the ham and loin areas.

Both the Duroc and Landrace hogs provide a large volume of quality meat to consumers – meat that is as nutritionally sound as it is flavorful.

A Wide Array of Produce

The exportation of quality fruit is also part of the product offerings of California Stone Creek. California, in and of itself, harvests a large variety of produce each year. Major exports coming out of the state include walnuts, pistachios, almonds, strawberries, oranges, rice, raisins, lettuce, dried plums, peaches, broccoli, onions, and cauliflower.

We Are Prepared to Meet China’s Import Needs

California Stone Creek is positioning itself as a key exporter in the Chinese marketplace, as we offer the beef, pork products, and produce that are used in the preparation of many Chinese dishes. In addition, Chinese consumers are now willing to pay more money for quality exports – something that we can easily supply.

Innovative Shipping Methods

We offer the finest and latest in export shipping processes, thereby ensuring food shipments that are plentiful and fresh. Methods used for cold storage, packaging and handling are followed with scrupulous detail and care.

Therefore, our packaging is designed to stand up to the activities of transport and handling. Not only do we focus on the use of sturdy recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials, we also identify products with vibrant printing and easy-to-read lettering.
Rugged and Dependable Packaging

The packaging that we use for shipping meat or produce by ocean liner or air freight is made to safeguard products from damage and poor environmental conditions. We do everything we can to introduce packaging that is well-presented – free from tears or the other abuses that can occur during shipment.

Crush-resistant Containerization

Because most packages containing produce are palletized, we make sure the packages we use are crush-resistant too. Packaging materials are made to keep food safe from temperature extremes and high humidity. Moreover, air-freighted meats and produce are packaged in specific package sizes and with insulation. We make sure our exports are packed in accordance to the specifications set forth by the freight forwarding company.

Fresh Quality Meats and Produce

We ensure that fruits and vegetables arrive at just the right ripeness and that meat is delivered well-preserved and fresh. Therefore, we guarantee that the food that we ship is both fresh and free from damage. Fruits are sent in accordance to specific recommendations for temperature and gas composition. While insulation is used to protect foods from heat, plastic liners are used for produce to balance out the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Meeting Customer Demand in China

Both meat and produce depend on reliable cold storage solutions. Therefore, the packaging must not only be appropriate, the temperature for preserving meats and produce must be carefully monitored and controlled. Using the latest in cold storage packaging, handling, and technologies enables California Stone Creek to stay one step ahead of the competition. Not only can we meet the needs established in the supply chain, we can satisfy Chinese export requirements at the same time.