California Stone Creek exports the best in class Duroc & Landrace hogs for consumption.

Export Grade Hogs For The Overseas Market

The use of a premium breed is essential for exportation. Today, customers expect pigs that are raised in compliance with organics and sustainability. The following premium hogs ensure those customer requirements are met concerning meat quality and production. At California Stone Creek, we focus on breeding and exporting Duroc / Landrace hogs for the overseas market.

The Duroc Breed

The Duroc breed originates from the eastern US and the Corn Belt. The hogs are notable as they are usually red or reddish-brown. In 1837, Henry Clay imported four shoats (weaned piglets) from Spain to raise on his farm in Ashland, Kentucky. Daniel Wester also introduced similar pigs from Portugal or Spain in 1852. They were delivered to his farm in Massachusetts. However, Mr. Webster passed away shortly following the hogs’ arrival. Therefore, the animals ended up being disbursed in several states.

Landrace Hog

Excellent Quality

Beautiful marbling through the meat. Raised for lean muscle mass.

High Meat Content

Maximize your export value with hogs that yield a higher meat content per kg.

Raised For Taste

With the right amount of marbling, our hogs are raised for taste.

Export Ready

California Stone Creek focuses solely on the export market with offices in the USA and China.

The Characteristics Of The Meat

The meat from Durocs is usually dark red and maintains moisture well. It also features a right amount of fat marbling throughout the cuts. Durocs also possess a substantial amount of lean muscle. When the pigs are slaughtered, the carcasses provide a significant amount of good flesh. Hog farmers depend on Durocs to yield consistent quantities of premium meat.

Modern Duroc Features

Modern Durocs may feature considerable variations in hue, despite the fact they are often known for their red coloring. Pigs can range from a very light golden shade to a dark red that can be likened to mahogany. The red hue suits pork producers, as the solid tone does not present any concerns about excellent points on correct markings. The hogs are medium in length and slightly dish-faced – giving a somewhat concave facial appearance. The ears of the pigs droop and are not held erect.

The Benefits of Raising Landrace Hogs

The hogs feature a good amount of meatiness on foot and especially on the rail. Rumps are long and fairly level and the hams are trim yet plump. The sides of the hog are uniform in depth and long in length. The sows, which are known for the milk producing capabilities, produce a large amount of offspring.

Landrace pigs are mainly raised for their meat, or for ham, bacon, pork chops, and sausage. The four feet of the breed are referred to as trotters. Trotters are used for producing such delicacies pigs’ knuckles or pigs’ feet. 


We Export To The World.

California Stone Creek was setup to assist our Chinese offices source premium products in top growing regions from around the world. We also export to partners and help maintain a steady source of quality products for their markets. Please contact us today for more information.

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