Select Cattle

We supply the Chinese market with select grade beef

Quality Select Grade Cattle

Our Select grade beef is sourced from quality farms that produce cattle for the export market. Qualities that make up our select grade beef are lean and red meat, above average taste, and meat that is tender. Although, Select grade cattle are no match to our Wagyu, this beef is readily available at a reduced price point for key export markets. With offices both in China and USA, we are expertly positioned to source and ship this quality cattle.

Holstein Cattle

Great Price Point

Select grade cattle has a great price point for the export market. We ship by the container.

Great Color

Our cattle have a distinguishing bright red color and texture that helps it sell.

Lean Meat

Looking for a leaner less fatty cut. Often Select meat is a good option for your customers,

Export Ready

All of our producers know the requirements to ship internationally to China.

We Export To The World.

California Stone Creek was setup to assist our Chinese offices source premium products in top growing regions from around the world. We also export to partners and help maintain a steady source of quality products for their markets. Please contact us today for more information.

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