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With offices in Shenzhen China, and within the United States, we are strategically placed to be your premier provider premium cattle and produce.

USA Cattle Supplier To China

In the foreign beef market, China offers the largest opportunities for producers to sell their products. We, at California Stone Creek, realize these opportunities. Because of the restrictions that have been placed on the US for exporting beef, only smaller shipments are currently being considered. Therefore, the pace that exporting takes in the future will depend heavily on the value of the beef. It will also depend on the quality and cuts that are demanded by the Chinese. With these factors in mind, California Stone Creek is devoted to providing only the highest quality cattle products to these markets, and have offices in the United States & Chinese markets to facilitate the shipments of our premium products.

Why Work With Us?

Pristine Food

All animals are raised on pristine and open land giving them the signature taste you deserve.

Certified Facilities

All processing plants are certified and compliant to ship to China.

Office In China

We are a global provider of meat to the world. And can facilitate export and imports.

Export Ready

Need a product in your port? Our team works together to bring it to you.

We Value The Chinese Market

Wagyu Beef Cut

Here, at California Stone Creek, we view China as a vital market because of our commitment to supply only the best beef. The beef that we sell is Wagyu beef – a Japanese meat that is produced, using only the highest in feed standards and finishing. The Chinese demand for imported beef gives California Stone Creek an opportunity to share its premium beef products with a potentially large population of consumers. Therefore, we are excited about the opportunity to showcase our beef products to the Chinese marketplace.

Our Wagyu Cattle Is In High Demand

Statistically, between 2010 and 2015, China increased beef imports tenfold. This places the value of the import market in China at around $2.5 billion. However, reports indicate that the amount of beef imports is even higher. When we review these numbers at California Stone Creek, we realize there is a great demand for imported beef in China – one that cannot be easily ignored. That is why we, at California Stone Creek, are committed to making our presence known in the Chinese marketplace. We feel our Wagyu beef product is one that cannot help but capture the notice of Chinese importers. 

Our beef product offers the following benefits:

  • The beef features abundant white fat or marbling – a feature that is preferred by consumers in the Chinese market. 
  • Beef that is produced by California Stone Creek meets China’s traceability mandates. China does not tolerate any synthetic residue from hormones in its beef.
  • The production of high-quality Wagyu using natural practices makes it possible to highlight a quality beef that is healthy, natural, and safe to eat.
Wagyu Cattle

A Premium Wagyu Beef Product

Premium Wagyu For Export

We supply & produce a premium Wagyu beef product – a meat that is produced following strict standards with respect to feeding and production. We understand our buyers. That is why we feel that our beef exports support China’s needs holistically and nutritionally.

Inside China, the production of meat is growing, but at an exceptionally slow rate. From 2014 to 2015, beef production in the country only expanded one percent. Therefore, Chinese importers are ready to support the country’s demand for beef. 

The Chinese Beef Demand Continues To Grow

Meanwhile the demand for beef in China continues to grow. The major consumer market for beef also continues to expand. Middle class consumers make up the majority of the Chinese people who eat beef. People born after 1980 are also seeking a quality beef product that is more nutritious. The driving denominator for the consumption of beef is the pork market, which hit a record high in 2016. Also, as noted, younger Chinese people, between 20 to 35 years old, are seeking a healthier meat to consume. Because beef is known to be leaner and more nutritious than pork, it has led Chinese consumers to review the merits of eating beef. Today, Chinese consumers often prefer a beef brisket over the widely eaten hóng shāo ròu, or braised pork.

Our Quality – The high-marbling of our Wagyu meat stands out among other beef imports. That is why California Stone Creek has made Wagyu a specialty. In China, Wagyu sells for two to five times over the amount spent for conventional beef. That is because our beef is both healthy and nutritional and is a premium product – one that the mainstream consumer, in China, is coming to appreciate. Therefore, in the end, it is not about the price but about quality.

Today, Wagyu cattle are also produced in Australia. However, the US has an opportunity to take advantage of the market in order to make up for the current demand – a demand that is based on the lack of high-quality Wagyu cattle.

More Marbling Equals an Exceptional Taste –  The abundant amount of marbling on Wagyu beef gives it a one-of-a-kind taste and juiciness – something that is appreciated by Chinese consumers. This nutrient-dense beef is produced by California Stone Creek using sustainable and holistic practices.

Our USDA-approved all-natural beef product comes from cattle that are initially pasture raised. The steers then follow a nutritionally directed 100% vegetarian and grain-based feeding program. California Stone Creek Wagyu are never given growth stimulants or hormones and therefore, again, can meet the zero-tolerance regulations set forth for hormone-raised beef.

Only Natural Steps Are Followed:

  • We also maintain in-house quality assurance measures to produce some of the finest natural Wagyu worldwide, and only follow natural production steps from the beginning to the end.
  • In turn, we can also promote the health benefits of serving Wagyu beef – something that is foremost in the minds of Chinese consumers today. Research shows that Wagyu beef contains Omega-3, Omega-6, and monounsaturated fat – all which give the beef its exclusive reputation in the marketplace. The added Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids metabolize cholesterol and triglycerides, thereby reducing the chance of heart disease. 
  • Beef that is produced by California Stone Creek meets China’s traceability mandates. China does not tolerate any synthetic residue from hormones in its beef.
  • In Japan, Wagyu beef is designated as a National Treasure, and with good reason. At California Stone Creek, we place an emphasis on developing a beef product that is not only healthy and sustainable but remains unmatched for its tenderness and flavor. Given the restrictions and requirements set on Chinese beef imports, we feel we can meet the country’s need for a premium and holistic beef.

We Export To The World.

California Stone Creek was setup to assist our Chinese offices source premium products in top growing regions from around the world. We also export to partners and help maintain a steady source of quality products for their markets. Please contact us today for more information.

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