Purveyors Of Premium Cattle & Produce

We supply the finest cattle and produce for the world market with offices in China & the United States.


With offices in China and in the United States, California Stone Creek is setup to be your premier provider of high quality Wagyu Cattle, Hogs, Produce, and Select cuts of beef. 

We assist all importers with setup and export of your commodities and provide transparency and flexibility with your shipping needs. 

Wagyu Cattle

Wagyu Cattle

We supply Premium Wagyu cattle from the United States. 

Premium Produce

Our quality produce is sourced from California and other top growing regions.


We will assist your company with setting up freight from the United States to your country. If you are ordering from China, we can ship directly to our warehouses located in Shenzhen and distribute from this area, or ship to your port of choice.


Raised for export markets, our hogs are sought after from around the world.

Select Cattle

We also offer select grade cattle cuts and can assist with any custom orders.

Pristine Open Land

We Export To The World.

California Stone Creek was setup to assist our Chinese offices source premium products in top growing regions from around the world. We also export to partners and help maintain a steady source of quality products for their markets. Please contact us today for more information.

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